A multidisciplinary dermatology focused medical team

Are you or a family member suffering with a skin condition that is dominating your life or causing you worry? Whether it is managing acne, rosacea, or pigmentation problems, removing a mole, cyst, skin tag, benign lesion, wart, or verruca, or assessing and diagnosing potential skin cancers, the Blemish Clinic offers excellence in private dermatology treatments.

We have over 25 years’ experience in successfully treating an array of dermatologic conditions. We have the facilities to carry out minor surgery in-clinic and with virtually no waiting time. Get your troublesome skin concern under control with treatment from our highly experienced specialists including a specialist dermatology nurse and consultant dermatologist. Book in today for a swift diagnosis and treatment.

Conditions treated with Dermatology include:

Acne, rosacea, pigmentation, moles, cysts, skin tags, warts, verrucas, benign lesions, precancerous lesions, melanoma, and skin cancers.


Owner of Blemish Clinic, Jan Birch is a dermatology specialist consultant nurse, pioneer in the field of phototherapy and photodynamic therapy with over twenty years’ experience in photobiology, alongside forty years of nursing. Jan is also a qualified dermoscopist. Dermoscopy allows us to look deeper into the skin to diagnose skin lesions, providing an accurate diagnosis of the many pigmented and non-pigmented lesions, both benign and malignant.

Jan works alongside a multidisciplinary team (MDT) within the Blemish Clinic and as onward referral to ensure you have access to both rapid and urgent screening appointments and ongoing treatment if required. Consultant dermatologist, Dr Andrew Winter is available for consultation on complex dermatology cases. Our team collaborate and work as part of the MDT working across oncology, plastics, and Mohs surgery for skin cancers.

Your initial consultation will be with either Jan Birch or Dr Andrew Winter where a full medical history will be taken. Following assessment and diagnosis of your skin concern, which may also include a biopsy, a treatment plan and referral journey can be developed.

Blemish Clinic provide easy access to continued care which may not be available through primary healthcare services. We have a holistic approach to practice, providing continuity of care on your treatment journey through out our MDT pathway, which includes help with

wound healing, and optimising both your medical and cosmetic outcome from dermatological and skin cancer treatments. We also take pride in helping to educate patients who may be more vulnerable to certain skin concerns, offering advice on vigilance and prevention from sun-induced skin damage or skin cancers.

Jan Birch, our dermatology specialist nurse has many years of experience in treating moles, cysts, skin tags, skin lesions, warts, verrucae, and lipomas. She uses her own protocols which vary depending on the individual case and can include cryotherapy, curettage, cautery, or minor surgical excision and suturing, alongside a bespoke aftercare protocol to follow at home.

Blemish Clinic is also a centre of excellence for acne treatment and offers a broad range of treatments for the management and improvement of acne to put you back in control of your skin.

We treat non-melanoma skin cancers and photodamage using topical treatments, Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), cryotherapy, or surgical excision where required.

Melanomas and more complex cancerous lesions will be referred to our Mohs surgeon. Mohs surgery is a microscopically controlled surgical technique used to treat skin cancer where layers of skin are removed progressively, and each layer is examined under a microscope until a layer of tissue is reached that is cancer-free.

As a CQC registered clinic, we offer specialist solutions in the treatment of dermatological skin diseases and disorders and are able to offer rapid assess to dermatological consultations, screening, and onwards treatment solutions to give you peace of mind in the management of your skin concern.

Minor surgical procedures can be recommended to resolve some dermatology concerns.

This includes the surgical removal of moles, cysts, skin tags, lipomas, warts and other benign ‘lumps and bumps’. All skin lesions will be professionally evaluated and diagnosed beforehand, including assessing for precancerous and cancerous lesions such as melanoma and skin cancers like basal cell carcinomas using dermoscopy. Malignant lesions will be referred onwards for Mohs surgery.

Minor surgical procedures are performed using local anaesthetic to numb the area but do involve the action of cutting or excising a piece of tissue. At the Blemish Clinic, we perform the following types of dermatology procedures:

· using a scalpel – for cutting to excise a lesion and then sealing the wound with internal and external surgical sutures or stitches,

· using a curette for curettage – a looped or hooked instrument for scooping, scraping, or excising a mole or cyst,

· using cautery – heat used to seal off minor blood vessels as a skin tag is removed.

Whatever your dermatological concern or skin condition, we can help to get it under control with a variety of dermatology focused treatments or using minor surgical removal of unsightly or medically compromising skin lesions. Book a dermatology consultation today with our highly experienced specialists to a full skin assessment.

We believe in being transparent with our prices and want you to be fully aware and comfortable with the cost of your treatment. A full list of our prices can be found here. We will always agree a final price with you though before treatment commences.

What to expect


To privately treat a wide range of troublesome skin conditions and dermatological problems where a patient has struggled to reach a resolution through primary healthcare services or where urgent referral is not available.

How it works

Our multidisciplinary team can provide easy and swift access to diagnosis of benign skin lesions and skin cancers (including biopsy services where required), pigmentation concerns, acne and other skin conditions requiring dermatology assessment. We provide a continuity of care throughout your journey from consultation to treatment, and aftercare, offering services including private prescriptions, dermoscopy, and minor surgical procedures.


Patients are regularly reviewed during the treatment process, and we pride ourselves on achieving good, long-term resolution of many troublesome skin conditions. Our team go on the journey with our patients.

Treatment Time

Treatment times vary according to the skin concern being addressed. A full treatment programme will be discussed during the consultation.

Pain / Discomfort Level

We aim to make our patients as comfortable as possible during any in-clinic treatments and will always offer forms of local anaesthesia to help numb the area to reduce any pain or discomfort.

Recovery Time

Recovery will vary according to the skin concern being addressed. All aftercare advice will be provided post-treatment and discussed during the consultation.


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